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Malama Composites announces official launch of Studio Biofoam

News International-French

18 Sep 2012

Malama Composites, Inc. announced the launch the first bio-based rigid polyurethane foam made specifically for artists, sculptors and the industrial design community.  “Our proprietary formulas utilize agriculturally grown, renewable polyols and water as the blowing agent,” stated David Saltman, CEO.  “These new high performance two and four pound foams hand carve and machine shape accurately, surface beautifully, and generate no toxic emissions in the process.”

Malama Composites has completed testing of Studio BioFoam among sculptors at the major motion picture studios and a number of the independent production companies with uniformly resounding results.  The foam is compatible with virtually all resins, glues, coatings and laminates.  It is dimensionally stable under high temperature moisture conditions.  It is safe to produce, superior to shape, and easy to recycle, making it an ideal light weight medium for stage sets, theme parks, retail environments, museum displays, trade show exhibits, and numerous industrial design applications. 



Malama Composites develops and manufactures proprietary bio-based foams for a wide range of industrial applications.  Our core materials enable customers to produce products that are lighter, stronger, cost competitive, and far more environmentally sustainable than petroleum-based alternatives.  That is why, at Malama, we are truly GREEN TO THE CORE®. 




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