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Manufacture problems solved by new Fireshield product

News International-French

26 Mar 2012

"Problems identified in trials with the original FireShield have been overcome through recent developments in surfactant chemistry. 

"The surface energy of FireShield has been dramatically reduced. This, together with a change in the substrate, has resulted in faster "wetting" , higher tensile strength, and easier manufacture.


This has been achieved while retaining the innovative fire protection of the original product.


"After FireShield was awarded the JEC Innovation Award in 2009, manufacturers round the world sampled the new product.


"Valuable feedback from these trials has allowed Regina to design a new formulation, to overcome the problems identified.


This is to be marketed as FAST FireShield.

"The new formulation addresses both the low permeability (slow wet-out) of the original product, and also removes any hygroscopic behavior, which had led to a concern regarding weathering.


As new surfactants are included in FAST FireShield, tests have been carried out to ensure any toxic gas emissions during burning are well within the requirements of ABD0031."