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Marelli Motori highlight lightweight composites lower arm suspension

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9 May 2013

Recently at the Shanghai auto show, the auto parts supplier Marelli Motori from Italy has brought the automobile suspension lower arm made of composite materials with its light weight.

Engineers are always in pursuit of suspension components light weight. This not only can bring in better ride comfort, and it also can enhance the vehicle dynamic performance. Therefore, many auto parts manufacturers usually use lightweight aluminum swing arm and connecting rod for some luxury cars or for the sports vehicles.

In order to pursue the lighter weight, traditional metallic materials are clearly unable to do fulfill such task. The solution of Marelli is to use carbon fiber.

Aluminium suspension


The picture below from left to right are cast iron lower arm, and stamping forming welding lower arm and composite materials lower arm.

     Steel-Aluminium-Composite material lower arm         Metallic material in the composite arm

This composite material lower arm itself has a skeleton made of metal materials. The skeleton was covered by a layer of carbon fiber material. This part has a weight reduction of more than 40% compare with the traditional components. While still maintain the strength, this auto part is also able to meet the actual demand.

Compare to the traditional lower arm, the advantage of composite materials suspension parts in weight is revolutionary. However its cost is also to be slightly more expensive, so it is difficult to popularization. If the mass production were achieved in the future, the cost will be further controlled. Then, it will have greater role to play in the high-end car as well as the performance vehicles.

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