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Marine anti-corrosion composite materials market

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4 May 2012

Marine anti-corrosion engineering will bring composite materials market. In the marine industry "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", China's ocean engineering structure corrosion control technology is under further development and expansion. New anti-corrosion technology and new composite materials will become the security guard to ocean engineering structures.

Marine environment corrosion conditions are harsh. China coastal hydraulic, harbor projects corrosion situation is very serious. In Southern China region, there are 18 coast docks, approach bridges of 7 ~25 years history, the corrosion damage accounted for 89%. The 22 7 to 15 years concrete sluices corrosion damage accounted for 56%; the 61 concrete sluice of23 years of service life corrosion damage accounted for 87%.


Glass fiber reinforced plastic materials as lightweight high strength and corrosion resistant material has entered the marine projects in the early decades. Such as epoxy vinyl resin matrix glass steel anti-corrosion lining, tank pipe, grille, splash zone FRP coating, cathodic protection have already entered ports, offshore platforms and a series of marine anticorrosion projects.


Experts believe that China's glass steel enterprises, especially the coastal Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, cities in annulus Bohai bay should actively take marine anticorrosion engineering big development opportunity. The industry should strive to query the Europe and the United States market classic case and standards. And actively work with the relevant scientific research institutes to strengthen cooperation, promote domestic anti-corrosion glass fiber reinforced plastic materials and products development application.


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