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Marketing manager: many challenges requiring vision and imagination

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25 Jul 2011

Have you always enjoyed the idea of having a fascinating job – a job that offers interesting tasks, potential for development, and the chance to walk on “virgin soil”? If you are such a person, the position of marketing manager in the composites industry might just be the right job for you!

(Published on May 2005 – JEC Magazine #17)




Composites currently represent only a small share of worldwide material consumption, but their unique chemical and mechanical properties make them a very interesting alternative for an increasing number of applications. The new development of various product combinations allows tailor-made product properties and offers many opportunities to enter new markets and industries. This flexibility guarantees composite materials a constantly growing market with rising growth rates for the future. Although the main user industries are currently automotive and aeronautics, other industries – such as civil or industrial engineering, electronics and the sportsarticle market – have gained constantly in market share over the last years. Composite products also offer an attractive alternative to traditional materials in a growing number of other markets.


Elaborate marketing communication
Composite materials are high-tech products requiring explanation, which places a high demand on marketing communication. Complex technical facts need to be transformed into conceptual arguments and texts that are understandable for the readers. Modern materials also require modern communication instruments. Therefore, the electronic media (such as web sites or product platforms) have an important role to play in product marketing efforts, alongside the more traditional communication tools (such as literature).



Hand in hand with commercialisation


The development of new products goes hand in hand with commercialisation, and that’s where the marketing manager comes into play. He develops the marketing strategies, often for new technical products, and tries to install them successfully in new industries and markets. The challenges in marketing are various; they cover all facets of the profession, and require vision and imagination. It all starts at the product development stage. In close cooperation, marketing and research departments develop products that are in demand in the market – but they also have to find new markets for new technical inventions. Working closely with the sales team, they need to develop strategies for entering into new industries. The variety of uses offered by composite products makes these materials interesting not only to high-tech industries. GRP pipes in water treatment or oil applications, for example, are ideal candidates. In practise, that means that the marketing department has to develop sales arguments against well-established, convenient materials, for a product with excellent product properties but a higher price.


Long-term development prospects

Competent marketing managers can expect good long-term development in the composites sector. Composite materials are an innovative product group with huge potential in technical development, and for which new developments constantly need to be established in new markets. This is the marketing department’s job. The enormous variety of these products presents job opportunities in mediumsized companies, just as with the big players in the market. Marketing in these smaller companies often demands activity in all areas, with no staff – or only a small one. This results in an interesting, multifaceted job with greater responsibility and many challenges: just the right position for people with vision!