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Mass production solutions for automotive parts

News International-French

7 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Momentive Specialty Chemicals highlights its growing product range of innovative solutions enabling mass production of automotive structural parts.

HP-RTM is expanding quickly in the industry as a fast process that can be automated and is very suitable for the production of composite parts. This product range makes it possible to attain cycle times of 90 seconds for structural parts with a relatively simple geometry using liquid compression moulding. With HP-RTM, 3D shapes and tubular parts can be produced in cycle times of 2-3 minutes. The same versatile systems can also be processed using low-pressure RTM equipment, with a cycle time of 3-5 minutes. With modified process conditions, these systems are also suitable for making prototypes that are representative for the final part performance. Momentive also offers a range of preform binders that are particularly compatible with these liquid resin systems.

The product portfolio is now expanded with fast-cure resins systems for prepreg production. Two systems that are suitable for hot-melt prepregs production are available. These pre-compounded systems with a glass transition temperature of 125°C and 165°C, respectively, can be fully cured in 5 minutes.

These epoxy systems are VOC-free and meet new REACH safety and environmental requirements, making them viable solutions for a wide range of future structural applications.

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