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Mastergel creates business unit intended for the manufacture of molds

News International-French

25 Jun 2014

Manufacturer of gelcoats and distributor of specialty chemicals, the Brazilian company Mastergel is operating in a new area: the supply of molds for the manufacture of composite parts using the RTM process.

Led by a team of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the manufacture of models and molds, as well as in composites molding, Mastermoldes, name of the new business unit, will be responsible for all stages of development: from the design of the tool and selection of materials to the production of the mold itself, including tests and customer training.

“We do not make just the mold or model. In fact, we develop the production process of the part and define the parameters of the process. And, if necessary, the customers can train their employees here or with our staff at their premises. I believe we are one of the few companies in Brazil that offer all these alternatives,” says Rosi Ana Peterhans, director of Mastergel. 

According to Rosi, the large number of inquiries from companies wishing to manufacture parts in RTM motivated the creation of Mastermoldes. “People wanted to enter this segment, but they could not find the appropriate tool in the market. In addition, the manufacture of the RTM mold is more complex than the manual systems, hence the difficulty of processors in making the tooling on their own.” 

For now, composite molders operating in the construction sector – synthetic marble and bathtubs, mainly – and in the transportation sector are the main customers of Mastermoldes.