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Mastergel reports a fivefold increase in the production capacity of gelcoat in five years

News International-French

26 May 2014

In this month, Mastergel completed five years of operation. Despite its short period, the Brazilian company is already considered one of the largest producers of gelcoat in the country, in addition to being one of the main distributors of raw materials to the composites industry in the Southern region.

The secret, according to the company’s founder Rosi Ana Peterhans, is the combination of a few factors, such as being realistic, knowing that money cannot be misused, and relying on a very qualified team.

“And, above all, understand that our activity is not limited to the sale of gelcoat, but to the provision of technical assistance. This is our advantage: the capacity of providing an effective technical assistance to our clients. Because making a good product is not difficult. The difficult task is to build an image that makes the client feel confident to buy once and over again,” she said.

With the installed capacity of 100 tons/month, five times higher than when the company started, and its ISO 9001 certification, Mastergel produces more than ten types of gelcoat, among conventional and premium formulations, such as the vinyl ester, used in environments subjected to high corrosion. Most of their clients work in the transportation and construction industries.

Due to the slowdown in the Brazilian composites market this year, Rosi believes that it will not be necessary to proceed with the capacity expansion plans. They are ready to expand, but the investments may be available only in 2015. According to her calculations, a 5% revenue increase compared to the results of the previous year should be good enough.