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Material testing systems for composites

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27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Instron will be presenting integrated composites testing systems and accessories for static, dynamic and impact testing of composites under a range of environmental conditions.

These systems comply with international (ASTM, EN, ISO, JIS) and manufacturing test standards (AITM, BSS). The systems can be configured to meet or exceed NADCAP alignment requirements.


The determination of the properties of composite materials demands accurate alignment, control of the specimen temperature along with grips and fixtures that perform reliably and are easy to use. Instron provides environmental chambers, grips, test fixtures and extensometers for testing over a range of temperatures. The systems are designed to make switching the test type a quick and simple operation. Hydraulic grip solutions for non-ambient testing place the hydraulic components outside the temperature chamber for safety and reliability. Adapters are available to allow other accessories such as compression platens and bend fixtures to be attached while leaving the grips in place. This improves test throughput by reducing the time spent re-configuring the system and eliminates the need to re-check grip alignment.


Instron also offers an extensive range of electrodynamic and servohydraulic test systems for fatigue testing.


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