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Matrix Composites delivers final composite wind tunnel blade spacer to the US Air Force

News International-French

26 Aug 2013

The company delivers its final Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) Composite Wind Tunnel Blade Spacer to the Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC). The multi-million dollar contract was awarded in 2011 for an initial quantity of nine LRIPs to be followed by the manufacture of more than 200 production Spacers. Full rate production efforts are expected to extend into 2015.

The composite turbine blade spacer assemblies are highly complex, fully integrated structures that are used in the PWT 16T C-1 compressor at AEDC’s testing facility in Tennessee.

The transonic compressor is approximately 36 feet in diameter and is powered by electric motors totaling nearly 300,000 horsepower.

Utilizing carbon fiber construction and Matrix’s expertise in composites design and precision closed-molding, Matrix was able to significantly increase performance and durability from the previous spacer design. In addition to the improved performance, the Matrix engineering team reduced the weight of each assembly by 27 pounds (or 60%).

Matrix Composites is a full service provider to the aerospace and defense industries with particular emphasis on critical structures fabricated used precision closed-molding technologies.  The Company has provided composite design, analysis, tooling, materials testing and manufacturing services since 1993 and has a proven track record of reliable, on-time performance.

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