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Maxtronic Multiaxial machine

News International-French

21 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Karlmayer continues to develop innovative products and services and will present them during the show.

With the well-known Malitronic® Multiaxial and biaxial machines, Karl Mayer Malimo has firmly positioned itself in the global glass and carbon fibre composite market over the past years. Contributing to this was also their recent development of a fibre spreading line for the manufacture of dry UD tapes from carbon fibres, and in particular “heavy-tow” fibres.

The growth potential of the glass fibre composite market for wind power in Asia and its customers there have motivated the company to develop a new generation of Multiaxial machines – the Maxtronic® Multiaxial.

This concept offers a multiaxial machine with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

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