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McCamley new wind turbine for urban environment

News International-French

23 Jul 2012

McCamley offers a family of vertical axis wind turbines

The new McCamley turbine started its life over thirty years ago and the principles it uses were the brain child of Dr Anthony Mewburn-Crook. After several false starts spanning the last twenty two years, McCamley are finally bringing to market this technology that should have been shared decades ago. Their recent two year development programme has given them the blueprint of the machine that you see today.


McCamley are now in the process of bringing this revolutionary wind turbine to market. The machine has been specifically sized and tailored for use within the urban environment and they plan for it to become a recognised sight amongst the rooftops of towns and cities all over the world. It's silent operation and stable multi-leg design lends itself to its new urban home and to date not a single bird or bat strike has been recorded.

The familly of wind turbine is ranging from 1 to 24kW.

The video hereunder shows the McCamley MT01 Mk2, a vertical axis wind turbine. This pre production prototype showcases a new generation of wind turbines designed for built up urban locations.