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Mclaren launched carbon fiber racing car in Guangzhou

News International-French

22 May 2015

Recently, Mclaren Guangzhou launched its first high performance sports car with truly noteworthy conduct and independent character, including the hardtop version and convertible version.

The 12C and 12C Spider have been designed surrounding the carbon fibre chassis, through which Mclaren created a strong, safe and lightweight structure core. Especially for the requirements of 12C Spider, this means to maintain its excellent rigidity, there is no need to further strengthen the structure core. Furthermore, Mclaren has designed a revolutionary suspension control system, which in close combination with the flexible operation, good road griping, and luxury car ride comfort.

Refined powerful, tractable engine is a good match with the dual clutch seamless transmission, which provides a wide range of ability for the two models. At the same time, the advanced electronic system combined with the suspension, transmission control, and even the air brake power device, which has ensured that the super racing car can provide the greatest sense of control, minimum interference and the overall pleasure.

Mclaren 12C and 12C Spider have equipped with the following features:

  • butterfly gate design
  • carbon fiber engine compartment
  • carbon fiber front spoiler
  • carbon fiber rear view mirror
  • carbon fiber side air intake
  • carbon fiber console
  • carbon fiber steering wheel
  • carbon fiber trim,
  • large area transparent engine cover
  • lightweight carbon ceramic brake disc hub
  • large size braking clamp
  • electric seats
  • carbon fiber logo


The Mclaren 12C and 12C Spider original configuration price was more than 4.5 million Yuan (US$ 750,000.00). It is a full carbon fiber carved works of art. It is now available at a sales price of 3 million Yuan (US$ 500,000.00) only in Guangzhou. Furthermore, it is the only one in China.