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Metyx Composites announces new tooling center

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14 Sep 2011

Scheduled to open in January 2012, this innovative Tooling Center will serve all Metyx Composites customers worldwide as a value added service.

Metyx Composites announces new tooling center

The Metyx Composites Tooling Center incorporates a 5 Axis CNC machine for large scale plug and mold production. The cutting-edge machine has a 4 meter Z axis and a 6.2 meter Y axis, making it one of the largest CNC machines in the region for the composites industry. It is capable of running molds and plugs for the automotive, wind energy, and marine industries, among others.



Although composites molds are at the heart of the Tooling Center, a metal workshop is also underway to facilitate aluminum mold production. This is an extra benefit to many Metyx Composites customers who have metal tooling requirements.



“We are thrilled to deliver another significant value added service to our customers,” commented Ugur Ustunel, VP New Business Development, Metyx Composites. “Since the launch of our closed mold product range, Metycore, we noticed the industry needed a reliable, low cost tooling shop that could respond to customers’ tooling challenges – rapidly and effectively. This market driven approach triggered our investment decision. Our solution allows customers to continue focusing on their core business while maximizing their return on investment,” explained Ustunel.



The Tooling Center is just one part of Metyx Composites’ new business unit. “This new business unit will round out our portfolio of offerings. We are excited to be supporting innovation across sectors with this new endeavor, and we look forward to sharing details about it at JEC 2012,” concluded Ustunel.




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