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Metyx Composites - A decade of service

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4 Feb 2013

The company, who celebrates its tenth year serving the composites industry and exhibiting at JEC Europe in Paris, has become a major player in the composites industry both in Turkey and throughout the world.

As a manufacturer of high-quality technical textiles (multiaxial reinforcements, RTM reinforcements, woven reinforcements, and vacuum bagging products), a distributor of composites-related products, as well as a provider of extensive consulting services and technical training, the company has become a globally recognized resource for total solutions in composites.


Laser focus on multiaxials

At the heart of Metyx Composites’ mission to help manufacturers produce stronger, lighter structures and more competitive end products is the company’s multiaxial reinforcement range. Metyx Composites has grown its core reinforcement business over the last decade by delivering these high-performance reinforcements in unidirectional, biaxial, triaxial, and quadraxial types made of E-glass, aramid, carbon, and hybrids for use in high-profile projects across the globe. World-renowned customers such as Enercon®, Areva®, LM Wind Power® and Ford Motor Company® have come to rely on Metyx Composites’ quality, service, flexible production, and competitive pricing.


Performance-driven carbon fabrics

In the past three years, Metyx Composites invested in two insulated carbon halls and a new, state-of-the-art MAX 5 carbon reinforcement production line, in addition to other carbon weaving and knitting machinery. These carbon investments were partly initiated to support requirements from the wind energy and automotive industries, as well as prepreg producers.


The company has quickly become a reliable, long-term source for performance-driven carbon fabrics. Manufactured in-house under strictly controlled conditions, its carbon fabrics have been integrated into many high-end marine projects where speed, superior strength and lightweight properties are required.


In the marine industry, complex, record-breaking projects like the Oyster Yachts® OM 125 have already drawn attention to Metyx Composites’ ability to deliver carbon fabrics and other technical textiles that produce superior end products. The Oyster 125 is the largest one-shot infusion to date and is currently pending approval with Guinness World Records. The massive infusion of the hull structure required 6,300 kg of vinylester resin, 11,000 kg of Metyx Composites E-glass, carbon, and aramid reinforcements, among other composites related materials and consulting supplied by the company.


Commitment to RTM

Metyx Composites is currently the world’s second largest producer of RTM reinforcements with an integrated flow medium for the closed-mould industry. Its Metycore™ and Metycoremax™ reinforcement ranges are engineered for maximum resin flow and speed in RTM and L-RTM applications. These products have been well received globally and used in many large OEM vehicles such as Ford® Cargo Trucks and MAN® buses. Metycore is known for its high drapeability, excellent resin flow, homogeneous glass weight distribution, wide product range, and custom widths.


Pushing the envelope in RTM technology, Metyx Composites also offers a revolutionary 3D customizable range, a rarity in the industry. Metycore Max is a ground-breaking product consisting of an engineered core sandwiched between two layers of chopped strand mat. It is designed to conform to the mould geometry and is ideal for series production, large-scale projects, and products where highly filled resin systems are needed.


Core materials and fabric kitting

Metyx Composites Tooling Centre (MCTC) and Metyx Composites Kitting Centre (MCKC) are the two newest divisions based in the company’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing centre in Manisa, Turkey. The initial investment in this business unit totals 5.4 million euros in machinery and equipment alone.


MCTC specializes in tooling services, composite and aluminium tooling, and prototyping services, as well as pattern and plug production services. It incorporates two 5-axis CNC machines for large-scale plug and mould production. The largest of these cutting-edge machines has a 10-metre X axis, a 4-metre Z axis, and a 6.2-metre Y axis, making it one of the region’s largest CNC machines for the composites industry. It is capable of running moulds and plugs for the automotive, wind energy, and marine industries, among others. Just one year old, MCTC has already made great strides and is on a strong path to become one of the largest composite tooling centres in Europe.


MCKC focuses on core materials kits (PVC, PET, balsa, polyurethane), as well as reinforcement and vacuum consumable kits for wind energy and marine customers, in addition to other large industrial clients within Turkey and the European Union. The centre’s kitting business has grown significantly in the past year since its launch. Metyx Composites has already completed demanding qualifications for distinguished companies such as TPI Composites® and General Electric®.


A major composites distributor in Turkey

Metyx Composites is also an exclusive distributor in Turkey of many superior composites-related products such as mould releases, resins, cleaners, adhesives, core materials, vacuum infusion materials, and RTM equipment/tooling materials. Its distributor business accounts for over 50% of the market share in the high-performance composite market in Turkey. The company is poised to dominate this market by an even greater percentage in the coming years.


What the future holds

As part of an on-going commitment to the composites industry, Metyx Composites plans to offer a new generation of composite products and services to complement its existing portfolio. The company expects to continually embark on innovative projects and solve composites challenges. The end goal is to help manufacturers across industries maintain their leading edge by producing stronger, lighter, and more competitive end products.


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