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MFG Galileo teams up with MFG Union City

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31 Jan 2013

Molded Fiber Glass Galileo will now be known as Molded Fiber Glass Southeast.  This transition fits with a growth strategy to diversify the product portfolio and open up new markets.

Dennis Vorse, Senior Vice President, whom oversees two Pennsylvania and one Kansas entities, will oversee the MFG Southeast entity in Alabama.
“This is a motivated team and I am very pleased to be chosen to work with them.  Their strengths complement the other entities, which will allow us to seek opportunities to grow the business group as a whole”, said Vorse.

The MFG Southeast product focus will be aimed at light weight, high strength, high end glass and carbon fiber composites parts. The targeted markets will be transportation, in both military and commercial sectors, water management, construction and renewable energy.

Mike Gayford, Operation Manager, has more than 15 years of professional experience in the fiberglass industry engineering, design, manufacturing, and quality fields. His experience includes thermoset resin systems, open and closed molding technologies, and composite tooling produced using CNC machining. “Our ability to produce large parts and high quality production tooling gives us a competitive edge,” said Gayford.

Alex Thomas (Manufacturing Sales Representative), and Jane T. Roche (Marketing) will work together with the MFG Southeast group to implement the strategic growth.

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