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Mgnifi composite materials project will be completed soon

News International-French

6 Aug 2015

The Mgnifi composite materials project is located in Hebei Yaocheng economic & development zone, which is one of the Hebei provincial key projects under construction.

This company is engaged in the high performance resin matrix composite materials research, development, production, and sales. The project occupies a land of 80,000 square meters with an investment of 1.122 billion Yuan (US$ 180.87 million).

Since the launch of the project construction last year, it has completed the laying and built of two factory roads, and the building of two 3000 square meters products warehouses. At present, the project is in the stage of the construction of 10,000 square meters forming workshop. According to report, the workshop main body has nearly completed, the workshop floor is already in the hardening construction stage. The picture shown above is the floor hardening construction site.

Mgnifi has a research & development team consisted of 20 plus researchers led by a overseas returning doctor. Their disciplines include many important fields such as science, engineering, production, procedures, and detection. Meanwhile, the company has a group of advisors and professors from Tianjin University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology to provide strategic planning and technical support.

Mgnifi has a series of advanced scientific and research equipment include Q 800 from TA Instruments, Nicolet iS50 from ThermoFisher, DSC200PC, from NETZSCH, and GC-2010 from Shimadzu Corporation. The technical research and development includes high performance polymer resin matrix synthetize and modification, advanced resin curing technology, composite materials processing and forming technology and its optimization and improvement, as well as the application and promotion of the composite materials in the high end technology.

Mgnifi brand long term development plan include to provide the different graded complete resin matrix composite materials total solutions for the customers. The Mgnifi targeted customers include the high end fields such as aviation, aerospace, transportation, logistics, wind power turbines, and shipbuilding. Mgnifi targeted customers also include the demand satisfaction of civil fields such as renovation building materials, mechanical and electronics, high accuracy medical equipment.

Mgnifi brand short term development goals aim at the high temperature resistant, high strength, impact resistant, and flame retardant vinyl ester resin and its composite materials. The company will gradually launch different types, different performance index, and different application fields resin products such as epoxy, cyanate, and bismaleimide to satisfy the various demand from the customers.