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Michelman Introduces expansive line of composite wood release solutions to China Market

News International-French

2 Mar 2015

Michelman will introduce an extensive line of proven industry solutions to the China market

Over twelve years ago, Michelman began developing a family of environmentally friendly solutions specifically formulated to help manufacturers efficiently and cleanly process difficult to handle, formaldehyde free laminated strand board, medium density fiberboard, oriented strand board and particle board. 

Michelman will feature a number of specific solutions including Michem Wood Release 1136 that is sprayed over the fiber mat, board caul or press plate, producing a coating with a low coefficient of friction that allows easy release of the wood fiber from the press plate. It also produces a lighter color board with reduced buildup, and virtually eliminates process slip issues. 

A new line of belt and platen coatings will also be featured, including Michem Wood Release 3002, a non-silicon, continuous belt conditioner. It seals the surface of the belt, improving cleanliness, while extending the frequency between required cleanings.  It also produces a smoother board surface with more consistent quality.

In addition to a complete line of mold release agents and processing aids, Michelman designs and manufactures trial spray equipment and has developed the expertise required to help customers process pMDI and resin-based wood panels efficiently and cost effectively.