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Michelman introduces its hydrosize U5-02 fiber sizing

News International-French

14 Oct 2013

Hydrosize U5-02 is a new water-based urethane based film former from Michelman designed primarily for polyamide and PPS fiber reinforcement applications.

Part of Michelman’s family of fiber sizings, binders and lubricants for the fibers and composites markets, Hydrosize U5-02 is solvent, APE and HAP-free and features good hydrolytic and thermal stability. 

Since Hydrosize U5-02 is food contact compliant, it is ideal for sizing fiber that will be used in composites destined for applications including coffee machines, plastic dishes, food processors and other appliances and kitchen items where food contact compliance is required. 

About Michelman:
The company is a global developer of water-based barrier and functional coatings for flexible film packaging, paperboard, and corrugated cartons; and water-based surface modifiers, additives and polymers for numerous industries including wood care, industrial coatings, inks, fibers, composites, and construction products.  Michelman serves its multinational and regional customers with production facilities in the U.S., Europe and Singapore, and a worldwide network of highly trained field technical support personnel.