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Michelman introducing Hydrosize Link

News International-French

2 Sep 2016

Next generation polyurethane fiber sizing for automotive under-the-hood composites

Hydrosize Link

Michelman is introducing two unique polyurethane dispersions designed as fiber sizing for reinforced composites in automotive under-the-hood applications. Hydrosize Link dispersions react directly with the matrix resin, delivering exceptional composite performance under extreme exposure to water, ethylene glycol, and high temperatures, conditions increasingly typical in the narrow confines of modern engine compartments.

According to Dr. Rick Michelman, Executive Vice President, Chief Growth & Technology Officer at Michelman,

“Our new Hydrosize Link U470 and U480 fiber sizings are testaments to Michelman’s intense focus on polyurethane synthesis and controlled manufacturing. These new products solve critical problems and challenges encountered by fiber and composite manufacturers. Innovators from across the automotive industry supply chain have asked for specialized solutions that allow them to expand the use of high performance composites. This is what we have delivered. While fiber sizings account for as little as 0.2-0.3% of a finished composite part, Hydrosize Link solutions have an incredible impact on performance.”

Hydrosize Link technology eliminates the fiber producer’s step of adding secondary crosslinkers such as blocked isocyanates to the sizing bath. This not only simplifies the fiber manufacturing process, but more importantly it allows better control over the desired degree of reactivity, and ultimately, composite performance. The two new grades differ in their level of reactivity.