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Michelman prepares to further advance in lightweight production

News International-French

12 Mar 2018

The company announces that it will become a partner of AZL Aachen. Michelman is looking forward to working in close cooperation with this organization along with the entire lightweight industry’s value chain to drive innovation in composite production.

Mike Annis, Vice President of Michelman’s Industrial Manufacturing Group noted, “Nothing is more important to Michelman than advancing the composites industry and helping our customers be more successful. Our future partnership with AZL will help us do this. Michelman’s leading position as a sizing and surface treatment expert will provides an opportunity to contribute to joint research and development efforts focused on identifying the best sizing / fiber / resin combinations to enhance composite properties such as increased heat, impact, and fatigue resistance appropriate for a broad range of end-use applications in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries.”

Michelman’s latest move is part of its multi-year investment and partnership strategy to further advance and improve composite development throughout the industry. They have recently joined IACMI and the University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials, along with announcing strategic partnerships with Mafic and Engineered Fibers Technology.

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