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Microline research systems

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5 Nov 2012

JEC Ameriacs 2012 - Harper pioneered the Microline™ concept based on the flexibility to change and modify for the needs of customers in research and development of advanced fibre processing techniques.

This system accommodates line speeds ranging from 0.1 m/min to over 1 m/min and tows from 10 filaments to 48,000 filaments, and is proven with several installations at universities and research institutions.


The fully-integrated and extensively outfitted Microlines are configured for customization with advanced performance equal to Harper’s production scale lines, but in a modest scale for research and development customers. Most lab-scale testing is performed in discontinuous batch processing steps; the Harper International system provides continuous conversion of filamentary material. The system is equally suited for both potential industry clients as well as national and academic research institutes.


These systems allow for maximum manipulation of key process parameters, including controlling tension after each unit operation and multiple zones of temperature control in oxidation, pre-carbonization and carbonization. The drive systems are designed for precision control of the forces imparted to the fibre, allowing for flexibility in tow counting, loading and drive position. This flexibility yields greater customization of oxidation, with adjustability zone by zone, pass by pass, and carbonization.



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