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Migao plans to invest 1.1 billion Yuan to build wind power industry park

News International-French

8 Aug 2016

Yunnan Qujing Lvliang County party boss Chen Rui has visited Migao Group to discuss the wind power industrial park investment project.

Mr. Chen has met with Migao Group Chairman Liu Guocai in a deep exploration and coordination to solve the relative issues regarding Migao Group wind power industrial park project investment.

MigaoGroup wind power industrial park project plans to use a land of 666,667 square meters and a planned investment of 1.1 billion Yuan (US$ 153.40 million) including factory work house construction, wind blade, main wind tower equipment installation, after the project completed construction and put into operation it is expected to achieve 2.9 billion Yuan (US$ 444.86 million) annual turnover.

Migao Group Chairman Liu Guocai and the company senior officials have put proposals on wind power capacity, project land usage, wind source data and financial support to the county government hoping the government departments can help to accelerate wind power project landing and development.

County party boss Chen Rui warmly welcome Migao Group once again selected Luliang for the wind power project investment and asked the county government to organize a leaders group for the Migao wind power project to further implement the project site selection and investment scale in order for the project to start as soon as possible.