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MIIT layout China USD 200$ billion new material industry

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24 Nov 2014

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of new material industry with the twelfth five year plan.

Since the beginning of twelfth five year plan, in accordance with the overall arrangement on the strategic emerging industry by the Chinese State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has issued the "new material industry Twelfth Five Year development planning", introduced the "new material standardization work three year action plan". The plan has proposed the specific measures to promote the development of the focusing area including carbon fibers and their composite materials. MIIT has also combined with other relevant departments to support the development and application of a variety of key materials, which has promoted the rapid development of new material industry.

At present, China's new materials industry scale has exceeded USD 200$ billions (1.2 trillion Yuan), the average annual growth rate is close to 25%.

"The new material products has only accounted for less than 4% of entire material industry. The major projects' have faced very outstanding phenomenon such as the lack of materials, and waiting for materials. The key materials has become a serious bottleneck problem. The ability of original innovation of new material industry in China is still relatively weak, to proceed with determination also needs to pay great effort." MIIT vice Minister Su Bo said recently in the 2014 China new material industry development forum.

The overall China's new materials industry is still at the tracking and imitation stage, there is lack of leading enterprises with core competitiveness. From the industry development trend point of view, the cross fusion of the industrial fields such as new material technology and biotechnology, nanotechnology, intelligent techniques, simulation design, materials development and new manufacturing technology continue to make breakthroughs. The new generation of materials such as graphene and super material has had a vigorous development.

Su Bo emphasizes that the development of new materials industry must concentrate the efforts on the following key works:

  1. Must closely follow the national strategy. At present, MIIT is outline in conjunction with the relevant departments to draft the China manufacturing 2025 planning, and strive to accelerate the development of key areas, including new material industry through the 10 years of efforts, promoting China's overall manufacturing into the world's power ranks

  2. Adhere to the innovation driven. Complete the soundness of the market oriented new material technology innovation system, strengthen enterprises’ innovation main body status, to develop the new materials research and development, industrialization and application demonstration system, to form a manufacturing and research closely integrated, collaborative innovation research development model, and to accelerate the implementation of the transformation from imitation tracking to original innovation.

  3. To strengthen the combination of military and civilian. China should actively explore new materials industry combination and approach of military and civilian development model, to promote the two-way transfer and radiation of the military and civilian common material technologies

  4. Enhance the prominent local characteristics. The enthusiasm around the development of emerging industries such as new material is very high, the local regions should, put forward reasonable development priorities and goals according to its own conditions, combined with the existing industrial foundation and comparative advantage, cannot rush headlong into mass action and blind development

  5. To strengthen the foundation construction capability. To fully mobilize the local governments, enterprises, institutes and other parties, to actively accelerate the construction of technology development platform, new materials pilot platform, new materials test center, application innovation platform and database, to solve the bottleneck problems of new materials technology development, special equipment, testing analysis system

  6. To improve the policy system. Give full play to the strategy, planning, policy and standard roles, to promote the formation of new material industry association, to further strengthen the new materials industry management. Continue to use the existing projects, increase the new materials industry support. To speed up the argumentation pace over the special major projects, study the establishment of new material risk compensation mechanism, improve the taxation, finance, insurance and other supporting policies, and to form a comprehensive policy joined force

Su Bo also said that MIIT will further build the innovation of system and mechanism in accordance with the on overall requirements of the overall deepening reform by the central authorities, invigorate the market, and constantly improve the level of development of new material industry.

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