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Mingyang first offshore wind power project started construction

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18 Apr 2014

The chairman of Mingyang Wind board of directors, Zhang Chuanwei annonce recently that Mingyang first offshore wind power project, Guangdong Zhuhai Guishan offshore wind power project, has already started construction.

This project is let by China South Power Grid, as the equipment supplier, Mingyang has also participated in the construction. According to Mr. Zhang Chuanwei, the first phase 100 MW of this project will put into operation within this year. The other 100 MW will be put into operation in the first half of next year.

Guangdong Zhuhai Guishan offshore wind power project has a total installed size of 198,000 kilowatts, plus the ocean island smart micro grid project, the project has a total investment of 4.45 billion Yuan (US$ 775 million). The project operator is the South Offshore Wind Power Joint Development Co., Ltd. The company was set up by the China South Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Led.

At present, Mingyang Wind has completed the 3MW, 4.1MW, 6.5MW series wind turbine R & D and manufacturing. And the certification has also been completed as well. One of the 6.5MW wind turbine units has been off the assembly line and started hoist lifting installation. At the same time, Mingyang Wind has formed a complete resolution in offshore wind power construction, marine engineering and maintenance. The resolution will provide the best technology and services to the Guishan offshore wind power project.

At present, the domestic wind turbine technology has the conditions for the offshore implementation. The offshore wind power engineering technology and capacity has been basically formed. China offshore wind power has the possibility for a large scale development.

Up to now, the approved offshore wind power project capacity has exceeded 4 million kilowatts in China.

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