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MIR Arastirma Ve Gelistirme A.S. - MIR unique solutions

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26 Feb 2013

MIR, a member of the MIR Holding Group, is a solution-based company which develops and licenses technologies in various disciplines.

Dizayn Group, the earliest member of the MIR Holding Group, was the first to enter the plastic pipes and fittings market, offering its R&D activities as early as the 1990s. Their fields of activity and R&D subjects varied in the course of time, and a range of R&D projects were conducted in various markets. To manage these multi-disciplinary projects and the corresponding activities more effectively, MIR was established as an R&D company to develop solutions such as technological products, processes, with all the background (including knowledge and equipment) required for these activities. The technologies and knowledge resulting from these R&D activities are commercialised by other companies of the MIR Holding Group specialising in business development.

MIR works on a project basis, managing the necessary technology and information, and has collaborated with various universities and academics to enhance the opportunities associated with each project.

In addition to supplying R&D services to other companies in the Group, MIR licenses technology and know-how, provides R&D and product development services, and establishes collaborative R&D projects with other organizations. In 2011, MIR’s R&D activities generated more than €4,000,000 in turnover. The company currently operates two facilities, with a total surface area of 3,000 m² and employs more than 50 specialists from various disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, and mechanical, chemical, materials science, agricultural, electronics and food engineering.

MIR is a founder board member of the Acqueau Eureka Cluster for growth and innovation in the water sector.

The company is active in the fields of:

  • Transport processes (fluid, heat and mass transport),
  • Materials science (polymers and polymer-based composite materials),
  • Construction, mechanism design, mechatronics,
  • CFD (computational flow dynamics) and structural analysis,
  • Chemistry,
  • Bioengineering,
  • Agricultural sciences.

MIR has considerable experience and background in polymers/composites processing and testing and in the design and manufacturing of polymer/composite processing equipment. Using this background, the company has the capability to develop specific testing equipment required. Thanks to its good relations with the universities, MIR can receive help from academics for the extrapolation of test results, if necessary.

Competitive advantages
MIR provides complete technological solutions including all phases of R&D studies: problem/needs identification, concept/idea development, design, simulation & analysis, prototyping, testing-validation, method development & documentation, and implementation of the developed technological solutions.

The company also offers project management skills and a multi-disciplinary technological solution approach, defining and performing all R&D studies as individual projects involving specialists from various disciplines. This approach fosters synergies and leads to genuine ideas.

Products and solutions
Experienced in the fields of thermoplastic composites and process development, MIR developed two major technological solutions in 2012.

The first solution is a production technology for reinforced thermoplastic pipes (RTP). At the end of the

project, a pilot RTP production line was manufactured and testing/quality control criteria for the resulting RTPs were documented. The pilot line can produce pipes with a diameter of 60-250 mm and a hydrostatic pressure resistance of 32-160 bar. During the implementation phase of the project, RTPs with an HDPE liner and protective cover separated by a fully-bonded continuous glass fibre reinforcement were developed. Thanks to MIR’s expertise in thermoplastic pipe extrusion technologies, the HDPE liner and cover can be easily modified (adding a barrier or changing materials) for various fields of application such as water, chemicals, or oil and gas. In 2012, a licensing and production line sales agreement for this technology was made with Dizayn Group, a leading thermoplastic pipe producer in Turkey. Under this agreement, a €2,500,000 investment is planned in Corlu, Turkey, for the year 2013.

The second solution is a special coating technology that improves metal-plastic (brass-polypropylene) interface bonding in plastic fittings with a metal insert. This patented solution improved interface bonding performance in the resulting product by about 150%. Using this coating process, thermoplastic resins with a melting temperature up to 265°C can be applied onto metal inserts with a 50-300 micron coating thickness. The coating capacity of this pilot line is 40,000 inserts (½”) per day. This unique solution was fully developed by MIR through all the stages of a complete R&D study: design of the coating process, simulation of mechanisms in coating line design, analysis of heat and fluid transfer problems in the coating process, manufacturing and testing of a mini coating line, bonding tests, method development, documentation of working conditions, production of an operating manual and development of a complete coating line. A licensing and coating line sales agreement for this technology was signed with a private company in Corlu, Turkey, and an investment of €2,300,000 was made in 2012. 

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