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Mitsubishi Rayon and Shinryo will cooperate in the carbon fiber recycle business

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15 May 2015

Recently, Mitsubishi Rayon and Shinryo Co. announced that they will jointly promote the carbon fiber regeneration business.

 Shinryo will add a new carbon fiber regeneration test equipment within its own factory located in Mitsubishi Chemical Kurosaki branch (Kitakyushu City) in June 2015 to explore renewable technology and improve commercial operations.

Previously, Mitsubishi Rayon has developed carbon fiber recycle technologies through the establishment" of carbon fiber regeneration technology development portfolio with Toray and Toho Tenax. The three companies announced at the end of March 2015, due to the initial target has been achieved, they decided to dissolve the joint working group and will start the technology development and business promotion on the carbon fiber regeneration individually.

Mitsubishi Rayon has PAN (Polyacrylonitrile, polyacrylonitrile) class and the coal tar pitch carbon fiber class technology. The company is now actively promoting the carbon fiber used in the automotive and other industries. SHINRYO has its advantages of chemical technology-based environment recovery operations, semiconductor-related recycling business and related businesses such as solar cells, particularly in the recovery business. Both companies belong to Mitsubishi group.

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