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Mitsubishi Rayon expands carbon fiber precursor production capacity

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18 Mar 2014

The carbon fiber manufacturer Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd has announced the implementation of plans to increase carbon fiber precursor production with a total investment of about $30 million USD (3 billion yen). It is expected to increase production capacity by 2.5 times in the year of 2016.

After the production expansion, the production capacity will be increased from the original 8,000 tons per year to 20,000 tons per year. The new precursor production equipments will be installed in place in years of 2014 to 2016.

The additional production capacity will be served to the automotive market.

German car manufacturer BMW in November 2013 launched the "i" series of electric cars will be on sale in Japan in April 2014. The "i" series electric vehicles are using carbon fiber as a main structural material.

Mitsubishi Rayon’s carbon fiber precursor production capacity expansion this time is mainly to meet BMW's production needs.

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