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Mitsubishi will strengthen the production equipment for Boeing 787 main wing

News International-French

17 Nov 2014

Mitsubishi heavy industries announced recently that the company will invest 10 billions Yen (86 US$ millions) in its Nagoya aerospace system factory and its and Shimonoseki shipyard in Yamaguchi Prefecture to strengthen its Boeing 787 main production equipment for the increase of the production capacity from the year 2016.

Boeing has a monthly production of 10 aircraft 787 aircrafts and plans to increase to a production capacity of monthly 14 aircrafts in 2020. Therefore, Mitsubishi decided to strengthen the main production equipment.

Shimonoseki shipyard will add high temperature high pressure sintering furnace for carbon fiber composite materials production. Nagoya aerospace system factory will expand the skin assembly and the painting equipment.

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