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Modeling Composite Materials with Digimat Software

News International-French

6 Apr 2011

Digimat is a nonlinear multi-scale modeling platform for the simulation of composite materials and structures. It is used to perform detailed analyses of material on the microscopic level, to derive micromechanical based, anisotropic and nonlinear material models consistent with experimental measurements and to couple information from processing simulations with FEA via an improved material description.

Modeling Composite Materials with Digimat Software

Digimat software allows to:

• Perform in-depth investigations on composites with arbitrary material matrices (e.g. plastics, rubber, metal, …)

• Predict mechanical properties as well as thermal and electrical conductivity of composite materials

• Couple injection molding with FEA for short fiber reinforced plastics

• Couple draping simulation with FEA for laminate structures


Digimat is used by FEA specialists who need an improved solution for modeling composite materials to shorten their development cycle and reduce number of experiments and costs by relying on a state-of-the-art simulation strategy.


Material suppliers use Digimat to support the development of new materials with in-depth investigations of the microstructure. Customers from the automotive, aerospace, electronics or consumer industries improve the accuracy of their design by founding FEA on processing simulations. Even challenging tasks like “under-the hood” applications can be tackled. Fiber reinforced injection molded plastic parts can be investigated fully under the influence of their thermal environment.