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Momentive and ISK collaborate to support Bakelite engineering thermosets in North America

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13 Sep 2013

Bakelite engineering thermosets from Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. have stood the “test of time” when called upon for high heat and chemical resistance in various applications.

Evolved from the original Bakelite materials created by Dr. Leo Baekeland in 1907, modern versions of Bakelite materials have found use again in automotive under-the-hood components as cost-effective, lightweight replacements for steel and cast aluminum parts.

Much of the application development of the this thermoset resins for the European automotive market originated from the engineering expertise of Iserlohner Kunststoff-Technologie GmbH (ISK). Now, in a collaborative effort between MSC and ISK, future North American programs are being supported with the same expertise and time-tested performance that have gone into European-produced cars and trucks.

"Weight reduction, and increasingly, temperature management are top concerns among automobile manufacturers,” said Cedric Ball, automotive business development manager for Momentive Specialty Chemicals. “The exclusive agreement reached with ISK helps us bring established technical solutions to customers in North America.”

Through the agreement, ISK, a private German engineering firm, will deliver their technical expertise in Bakelite materials, part production, mold design and molding process optimization to North American customers. For more than 15 years, ISK has worked with industry leaders and research organizations to generate collaborative projects and technology transfer across areas of injection molding and composites technology.

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