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Momentive launches new Epikote™ Binder System 620

News International-French

1 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Momentive Specialty Chemicals introduces the new Epikote Binder System 620, developed for hot-melt preforming processes and enabling mass production of automotive composite parts.

This one-component cross-linkable powder binder can be conveniently applied to carbon or glass fibres and fabrics as a powder using a hot-melt coating process.


In the softening temperature range between 80-90°C, the binder system exhibits excellent application behaviour and provides the fabric with very good workability and drapeability. Once the desired shape of preform is achieved, a short cure cycle above 120°C will initiate internal cross-linking of the binder. This higher-temperature fixation gives the preform the right stiffness for easy handling. This also ensures that the preform retains its dimensional stability even in demanding processes such as high-pressure RTM, typical of automotive mass production of composite parts. The Epikote Binder System 620 is fully compatible and complementary with the innovative fast-cure Epikote/Epikure™ binder systems Momentive Specialty Chemicals has introduced for the automotive composite market. Given the additional preform integrity provided by the cross-linkable binder, it is expected that process developers may be able to increase flow/mould fill rates or the complexity of preforms, further reducing the time needed for the RTM injection step.



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