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More CTruk workboats for OTS

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28 May 2013

Offshore Turbine Services (OTS) has ordered two more CTruk 20T MPCs for delivery in spring 2014.

The Pontrilas-based offshore wind support provider has proved that CTruk’s innovative composite workboat design offers contract-winning features in today’s safety and cost-conscious market. The inking of this latest order comes as the company prepare to name their fifth CTruk multi-purpose cat in Brightlingsea this week, the Commodore P.

From the start OTS’ operations director, Nick Bright, has worked closely with CTruk on enhancing the 20T design to fit their specific requirements. With his years of experience as a commercial fisherman, there is little Nick doesn’t know about the demands made on these boats at sea on 24/7 offshore operations. Originally a staunch aluminium fan, he recalls his first experience of the composite 20T as ‘a real light bulb moment’. Cruising at 20 knots on the CWind Alliance, Nick ran a real-time fuel consumption comparison with his son, who was skippering a 15m aluminium vessel at the time. Their subsequent discovery that the 3.5m larger 20T was nearly 45% more efficient, at the same speed and with the same payload, was a key point in Nick’s conversion to composite craft.

All five existing OTS vessels are currently at work on CWind contracts around the United Kingdom.

The innovative CTruk 20T MPC composite workboat is gaining popularity in the offshore wind support sector, and the company will have one of these robust vessels on the pontoon at Seawork in Southampton next month.

About CTruk 20T MPC CTruk 20T MPC is designed to meet the complex demands of the offshore wind farm support sector. All CTruk vessels are of resin infusion composite construction, optimising hydrodynamics and saving up to 40% on weight, which results in considerable fuel economy. The design is also inherently versatile, with CTruk’s patent-applied moveable wheelhouse and modular pod system meaning she can easily adapt to perform multiple functions in the field, including working as; a fuelling vessel with 16 tonne fuel capacity; a rescue vessel, using the ‘Argo cat’ amphibious rescue craft; a survey vessel, with moon pool attachment; a large lift HIAB pod, carrying up to 20 tonnes on deck; a dive support vessel and numerous other functions. The 20T comfortably accommodates 12 passengers on personalised suspension seating, with air-con, TV/DVD, WiFi, DTV, changing area, WC and shower and hanging storage.

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