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Morgan Advanced Materials expands its Composites and Defence Systems capabilities

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9 Jul 2014

The company expands Burlington, Ontario capabilities for producing military components for Canadian and export markets.

Morgan Advanced Materials announces that it has relocated its Composites and Defence Systems business to Burlington, Ontario, which is an existing Morgan manufacturing site. Relocating to this site will offer increased capabilities for advanced composite hard armor, soldier systems, vehicle armor, lightweight vehicle technology, and aerospace armor.

Combining technical expertise and equipment from three different plants located throughout Canada, the new Burlington site offers a skilled workforce of more than 50, as well as 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, which is five times more the capacity than the prior manufacturing facilities.

The transition allows Morgan to refocus its resources to be more engineering based, providing customized composite systems for defense applications used in the world’s most advanced lightweight armor solutions. The transition is expected to help Morgan produce highly advanced components in Canada for the Canadian market and for export.

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