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Mould solution for high-end composite products

News International-French

27 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014Tooling plays a central role in the highly cost-conscious and competitive composite industry and the future lies with innovative solutions driving down costs and time to market. 

At JEC 2014, Dencam Composite will present new tooling solutions, one of them being the direct mould, originally developed for the wind industry but applicable in all industries where high-end products form the basis of the core business. The direct mould combines the advantages of traditional mould technology with the accuracy of CNC milling and is perfect for prototyping and one-off production.

The moulds are milled on advanced 5-axis CNC machines offering extremely fine tolerances and a better quality of the final product. Time-savings as well as lower project costs are essential advantages of a direct mould. Using a direct mould when developing new projects is likely to improve cash flow and the overall timetable of the project.
The direct mould is a good choice for large projects where logistic issues normally present a significant challenge. Without sacrificing quality and accuracy, Delcam can manufacture the mould in sections to facilitate transportation and storage.

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