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MTC composite factory new expansion

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13 Feb 2012

Yangzhou the Maxi-Cube Tong Composites' Co., Ltd (MTC) new factory plant is located in Yangzhou City Weiyang Economic Development Zone, with a total construction area of 36315 square meters, The factory master planning, overall program design, plant road and pipeline network design, plant landscape design, manufacturing plants, offices and staff restaurant design have been completed, the project's design company is Jiangsu Surveying and Desing Institute of Water Resources Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Maxi-Cube Tong Composites Co., Ltd. is a sino-Australian leading manufacturer (hereinafter abbreviated in English “MTC”) of refrigerated, insulated and dry freight composites panels. Founded in June, 1997, MTC occupies the land area of 35,000m2 including over 10,000 square meters of plants. Its annual production capability has reached up to 400,000 m2 of varies of refrigerated, insulated and dry freight composite panels. MTC has been adopting advanced foreign-enterprise management model and gives to the customers the best service with high efficiency and in fast tempo.

MTC has introduced advanced equipment and technology from U.S.A and Australia to produce composite panels. FRP skins are mechanically sprayed to shape with advanced reciprocator system inported from U.S.A. Refrigerated composite panels are made through special process with FRP skins as outer and inner surfaces and polyurethane foam or extruded polystyrene insulated foam as core while dry freight composite panels to be formed with high strength waterproof plywood or special plastic honeycomb panes as core. The assembly introduces international patented technology achieving higher structural strength, better sealing and quicker fabrication. Compared with the traditional materials such as steel and aluminium, advantages of his products lie in lightweight, greater volume, corrosion resistance, aging resistence, environmentally friendly, glossy appearance and better insulation.

MTC can produce composite panels to 13.5 meters long and 2.9 metres wide at maximum. The panels have been widely used not only in dry freight bodies and refrigerated and insulated bodies, but also used in motel bodies, shelters and cooling warehouses, ets. Three state patents have been obtained for his seven kinds of products and in Year 2002 MTC was awarded ISO9001 Quality Assurance Certificate. MTC has the right of self import and export. His products have been exported to different countries and areas such as Hongkong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, etc. 3D sales module hasset up to supply spare parts for assembly andafter sales service together his composite panels.


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