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Multi-axial UD crossply machine

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8 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Van Wees recently developed a multi-axial UD crossply machine and built one for its research & technology centre.

The CP1800 machine is a further step in the automation of composite parts production. It improves the quality of prepreg laminates by eliminating hand stacking of UD layers. The first trials were successful and van Wees encountered a lot of interest in this technology from prepreg suppliers and OEMs in the automotive industry. The maximum width of the multi-axial laminates to be produced on this machine for pilot production is 1800 mm.


The UD material for crossply products can be produced on the 600-mm-wide prepreg impregnation line (UD600) in the company’s R&T centre. Both thermoplastic and thermoset resin materials can be used. The latest development on the UD600 machine is the installation of hot melt spraying equipment for the production of dry UD materials.


Van Wees has been producing a variety of thermoplastic tapes from carbon fibre and PA12, PA6 and PA6.6. Glass fibres were impregnated with PP and PA6.6 and flax fibres with PP and PLA. The company can also slit these materials to narrow tapes and offer turn-key solutions for making UD tapes.


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