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Multi-component materials in small, accurately-measured packs

News International-French

21 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Andpak’s latest in-house technology allows multi-component materials such as adhesives, resins, mastics and coatings to be delivered in small, accurately-measured packs.

Each component is dispensed at the precise weight/volume and ratio required. Before use, the product can be easily conditioned by kneading the pack and mixed by bursting the inner seal separating the components. The components are easily mixed together and dispensed by cutting the pack or by using a closable cap option.


Product pack sizes are typically between 5ml and 100ml, although larger packs are possible. Andpak keeps extensive stocks of both 2- and 3-component packs for a quick turnaround. The company can also produce labels in-house with a full design service and packs can be printed with the customer’s logos and product information.


A range of supporting accessories is available for the burst seal pack, including:

- Wall-mounted hoppers to allow lineside storage with FIFO access to packs;

- Three standard in-house caps allowing a FOD-free option and a screw-on nozzle;

- Photographic user guides and videos;

- Customisable shape and size including the new micro-sized pack;

- “Pack inside a pack” allowing accessories such as gloves and spatulas to be supplied with products.



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