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Multiple product launches by Owens Corning

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10 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - The company will lauch several product on JEC Europe 2014.

Glass reinforcements for LFT PP
The Performax SE4849 roving is designed for long fibre reinforced thermoplastic polypropylene (LFT PP) for use in hot-melt compounding, pultrusion, direct compounding processes and continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic tapes. SE4849 enables faster compounding line speeds for improved efficiency and increased glass loadings.

Roving for epoxy SMC structural composites in automotive applications
In combination with epoxy sheet moulding compound (SMC) systems, this new multi-end roving allows for high mechanical performance. Thanks to its excellent impregnation and ability to use glass fibre contents beyond 60%, it provides significant weight reduction opportunities compared to steel.

Enhanced roving and fabrics for wind energy applications
Owens Corning’s new range of roving and fabric solutions aims at meeting the demands of the wind energy market for higher performing composite materials enabling longer wind blades, improved aerodynamic performance and the ability to manage higher long-term fatigue loads:
- WindStrand: Type 30 rovings with enhanced performance;
- Ultrablade: Fabric solutions enabling the design and production of longer and lighter wind blades.

Single-end roving for the PUR pultrusion market
This product targets the polyurethane (PUR) market. It is multi-compatible, capable of satisfying processing and mechanical requirements in both polyester and polyurethane systems.

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