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Munich Composites produces first braided CFRP bicycle handlebar for SQlab

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6 Mar 2014

The innovative composite company based in Munich, Germany, invented a production process to bring out a mountain bike handlebar that is among the world´s best performing handlebars and absolutely free of human errors.

Traditional high performance handlebars are produced with a lot of manual work. There is always a chance that a person puts in a CFRP layer in the wrong direction, so the performance and safety values are  reduced. Munich Composites put a lot of effort in the automated production of the SQlab high performance handlebar and can guarantee that every handlebar has the same high quality.

SQlab is one of leading manufacturers of ergonomic bicycle components. They searched a long time to find a CFRP company that can develop a handlebar with their complex shape and still meets their high quality requirements. In Munich Composite, they found a partner that they trust and that produces this innovation.

The handlebar has a length of 740mm, rise of 50mm with a backsweep of of 16°. It was developed to weigh less than 200g. Still, it withstands static loads of more than 210 kg on each side. It is manufactured entirely in Germany.

The handlebar is produced using the braiding technology. The advantage of this technology is a defined fiber orientation along the handlebar. This way there are neither overlaps of material nor wrinkles. Another advantage is the complete automation of the production. Munich Composites uses three robots to guide the mandrel through the braiding machine.

“Our technology will revolutionize the production of hollow CFRP parts”, says CEO Felix Fröhlich, “The shortcomings of the prepreg technology like the low reproducibility and long cycle times don’t apply for braiding. Through our innovations in braiding, like a directly re-usable mandrel, we are able to produce high quality components at significantly lower cost for our customers.”

About Munich Composites:
Munich Composites GmbH is a company for build-to-order carbon fiber composite components. It offers all steps in the value chain from design to production of large series of braided hollow parts with its patented "BRAIDform" production process. Parts in large quantities and complex geometries can be produced at a significantly lower cost with this technology. Munich Composites is based close to Munich, Germany.