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Munich Composites turns four years

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22 May 2015

The company was founded four years ago by employees of the Technical University of Munich and continues its growth.

Munich Composites started with the vision to produce hollow composite components automated with the braiding technology at high quality and low cost. It proved in the last years that this vision became reality. Today the company produces various components in series with the braiding technology.

At the moment, Munich Composites manufactures series of complex tubes up to numbers of 5,000 per year. These components can be used where significant weight reduction is important to replace steel or aluminum or error-prone hand layed prepreg. Due to the weight reduction, automotive companies can build more efficient cars, airplanes save fuel, and athletes achieve higher performance.

Munich Composites has won several prices for its innovations. For example, the company won a JEC Innovation Award twice.

By now, Munich Composites has customers in the sports and lifestyle, bicycle, automotive, aerospace, health, and other industries. Especially the collaborations with technology leaders, e.g. in the automotive industry, shows how good the services match the market requirements.

In the next years, lines for mass production will be set up to serve new markets and customers. The company will continue to invest to keep the technological advance in the production of hollow composite components.

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