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N12 Technologies to showcase 2 products at JEC World 2017

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13 Mar 2017

The company will present NanoStitch, its interlaminar reinforcement, and SLS, its multifunctional conductive or resistive aligned surface layer system.

N12 NanoStitch interlaminar reinforcement
NanoStitch is an interlaminar toughening product, based on large format vertically-aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) sheets. Because N12 has developed a continuous production system for industrial-scale manufacturing of  NanoStitch, they can meet market demand for high-performance composites in consumer products, infrastructure, automotive and aerospace. The use of  NanoStitch inside composite structures, suppresses delamination, which in turn causes higher-level durability and structural efficiency.

N12 NanoStitch

VACNTs positioned in the Z axis, embedded vertically through the interlaminar, suppress delamination and enhance thermal and electrical through-thickness conductivity. In CFRP prepreg systems, NanoStitch improves a range of mechanical performance parameters (+10% OHC, +30% ILSS, +10% IPS) and fatigue life by 100x. By suppressing delamination, composite structures with NanoStitch inside can be made more durable and structurally efficient, N12 is focused on manufacturing NanoStitch at industrial levels of scale ensuring both quality and price meet market expectations from aerospace to sporting goods.

NanoStitch was developed solely by N12 Technologies for application across space, aerospace, defense, renewable energy, automotive, consumer products and recreational sporting goods. The initial R&D and subsequent product development focused on aerospace-grade carbon fibers and resins. NanoStitch is manufactured by, and applied onto, prepreg by N12. End users then manufacture parts from the nano-enhanced material using completely conventional processes for lamination, debulk, cure and machining. The resulting structure exhibits superior shear and interfacial properties, including delamination resistance, compression strength and fatigue life.

NanoStitch enhanced composites offer a number of performance advantages over conventional systems. The enhanced mechanical properties give design freedom at the component and system levels. The designer can overcome traditional trade-offs between light-weighting, enhanced performance, and longer endurance; achieving designs unobtainable with conventional systems.

N12 SLS Multifunctional conductive or resistive aligned surface layer system
Recognizing the increasing demands of aerospace and automotive OEM’s, N12 is enabling the future of multifunctional composite solutions with NanoStitch and its enhanced through-thickness thermal and electrical conductivity properties. N12 SLS takes the same mass produced VACNTs and knocks them down into the horizontal plane. This creates a precisely engineered, nano-scale layer of trillions of CNTs that deliver highly efficient, light weight (e.g., 1-2 g/m2) resistive heating and electrical sensing capabilities. Applications for transfer of heat, power, and/or data in plane create the opportunity for next generation composite solutions with truly multifunctional capability.

Mass produced N12 VACNTs precisely nano-engineered, knocked down in to a horizontal plane, one hundred trillion CNTs per m2, formulated for resistive or conductive multifunctional applications.

SLS creates the ability for signal connectivity through mechanically enhanced composite structures. De-icing, anti-icing and ice detection for aerospace wings and rotors and renewable energy blades are amongst the first applications that will come to market. In ice tunnel testing,  SLS disbursed ice created in the worst icing conditions in less than 4 seconds using 10x less energy. The same resistive heating principles can be applied to surface heating and cure control by directly heating mould tools. In this application, the surface system would provide live data on cure status.

N12 clients are already exploring structural health monitoring applications where trillions of surface CNT sensors provide two unique signatures, electrical and thermal, for live insight into component structural and surface integrity. Surface thermal dispersion, heat exchange, reflectivity and even solar capture are some of many creative applications being explored.

The company is a specialist of continuous and industrial-scale manufacturing of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNTs). Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, N12’s nano-products are embedded directly into current composite systems. These include NanoStitch for interlaminar reinforcement and the N12 Surface Layer System for multifunctional in-plane conductivity. N12 is enabling design and production of composites that are tougher, smarter, more conductive and multifunctional.

SLS™ provides tailorable resistive surface heating and thermal heat dispersal over large areas, with the added functionalization for structural health monitoring.

N12 meets the market demand for enhancing composites in sporting and consumer goods, renewable energy, automotive, and aerospace industries. Over 150 OEMs from US and Europe are currently exploring the value proposition of N12’s nanotechnology.

Composite application lab
N12 operates a full applications lab for qualifying NanoStitch and  SLS material. Composite fabrication, inspection, machining, testing, and SEM analysis are routine validation processes. This enables rapid turnaround for production, quality assurance, application development, prototype and pre-production sampling.

Industrialized production and transfer
N12 is focused on enhancing multifunctionality in today’s material systems from market leading suppliers such as Tencate, Hexcel, Mitsubishi Rayon, SGL and several others in the imminent future. The key to N12’s growth is its proprietary continuous production reactor system. The scale and efficiency provided by this system has brought costs down by more than two orders of magnitude to date with significant reductions projected. N12 is also industrializing VACNT transfer technology; NanoStitch and  SLS will be embedded in our supply chain partners’ prepreg systems or compatible resin films without compromising production efficiency or quality. N12 is bringing the cost of nano-enhancement down from its traditional semi-conductor processing price-point to that of the textile industry.

N12 Technologies will exhibit at JEC World 2017: Hall 6 K28