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Nadcap alignment requirements : Instron’s new methodology approved by NVLAP

News International-French

9 Mar 2015

In today's world, conformance to standards is serious business. The cost of non-compliance is now enormous especially where litigation can be involved. This is why every testing system, no matter how old or new, should be routinely verified for conformance to applicable national and international standards. It is not just good measurement practice, it is essential business sense.

Within the composites industry, manufacturers have to demonstrate that their testing systems meet the alignment requirements specified in many ASTM standards that reference tolerances for either bending stresses or alignment. It would be wrong to think that just because a material testing system is regularly calibrated for force, strain and displacement that you are assured correct and reliable materials testing data. Load frame alignment can change for a number of reasons, including changing grips or fitting new or replacement fixtures, something that Nadcap, the global cooperative accreditation program for aerospace engineering, defense and related industries is particularly interested in.

Instron is closely involved in the multidisciplinary requirements needed to succeed with Nadcap approval. Working directly with Nadcap and ASTM to understand the criteria for alignment, Instron can provide the professional services that help a business meet those needs and remove the complexity. Our services include Alignment test of the load string in conformance with Nadcap requirements for AC7122 for testing composite materials and also covers a recent requirement from Nadcap regarding alignment transducers.

The Nadcap alignment procedures require the use of essentially flawless alignment transducers, as they do not permit corrections for imperfections in the transducers.  In response to these and other stringent requirements, Instron has developed a new and improved method for verifying the strain measurement capability of its alignment transducers.

This methodology has been accredited by NVLAP under lab code 200301-0 and enables Instron to provide superior alignment services to ASTM E1012 and AC7122.  Instron can also provide standalone accredited calibrations of the conditioning electronics and data acquisition devices or the alignment transducers strain measurement capability.