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Nammo Composite Solutions expands Utah operations

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24 Dec 2013

Nammo Composite Solutions, a manufacturer of advanced composites and integrated structures, has begun expansion of its Utah facility to support their growing manufacturing and assembly business.

This recent expansion adds 23,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space, updating their total floor space offering to 90,000 square feet.

“Moving to our new plant in 2011 gave us the breathing room that we needed, and just 2 years later, here we are again", said Brian Lundy, Nammo CS President. "Our core composite business continues to grow at a fast pace and in 2013 we expanded our technology offering with our new all-metal products line.  Customers are relying more on Nammo CS than ever before for not only manufacturing but for assembly, vendor management, and problem solving. Our customer’s success is the secret to our success. It’s important that we continue investing in our capabilities”.

Nammo CS, part of the Nammo Group,  designs, develops, and manufactures composite and metallic structures for the aerospace, defense, commercial, industrial and energy markets. Nammo CS manufactures such items as launch canisters, UAV components and wings, antennas, reflector, and radomes. Nammo CS’s capabilities include resin transfer molding, laser welding , metal stamping, CNC machining, precision filament winding, and hand layup autoclave cure.

About the NAMMO Group:
With its headquarter in Raufoss, Norway, the Nammo Group is a technology driven aerospace and defense group specializing in technologically advanced products. Nammo's core business is development, production and sales of military and sports ammunition, shoulder fired weapon systems, rocket motors for military and space applications, and global services for environmentally friendly demilitarization.  Nammo has 20 manufacturing operations and 2000 employees in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and the US.