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Nanjing developed fiberglass light weight aircraft

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12 Feb 2016

Recently, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has developed AD200 double seats lightweight aircraft.

It is designed aiming at the international market simultaneously considered domestic demand as a result of independent design, research, and manufacturing as well as a partnership with manufacturing companies.

This type of aircraft is based on the success of this university developed single seat ultralight aircraft AD100. The test flight and demonstration flight shows that AD200 double seats lightweight aircraft has reached and in some parts exceeded the designed technical performance indicators.

AD200 aircraft is suitable for air sports, training, air travel, and petrol. After simple modification, it can also be used as the special aircraft for agriculture, forestry, and aerial photographic.

AD200 aircraft has utilized international advanced duck type pneumatic distribution layout.

The advantages of this design include the aircraft will not loss speed nor enter into rotating status. As the aircraft whole body is made of glassfiber structure, and 85% of the material is composite material, to a certain extent, it has stealth effect so that hard to be found by radar.

AD200 aircraft only needs 100 meter runway for taking off while for landing it has much lower requirement for runway length. As long as there is a 200 meters by 10 meters grassland, road, or country flat mud road, AD 200 can take off and land with no problem. AD200 has excellent low altitude performance can carry out long distance journey on a 10 to 15 meter height; for agriculture and forestry operation, it only needs 3 to 5 meters height for smooth operation.

AD200 is very easy for transportation as it can easily disassembled and load on a two ton truck for long distance delivery. Furthermore, the price is another attraction for the customers, one AD200 aircraft only costs about 350,000.00 Yuan (US$ 53,120.60) while the unassembled complete components only cost 310,000.0 Yuan (US$ 47,095.50) with all engines and propellers are all imported products with the engine life of 400 hours and aircraft body life of 1500 hours.

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