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Nanotechnological Center of Composites and Evopro to produce composite buses

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2 Dec 2014

Moscow Technopolis will accommodate production of self-supporting composite body. First batch of 50 buses will be produced in 2015.

The agreement was signed during II International Composite Without Borders Conference held in the framework of Open Innovations Expo. Mikhail Stolyarov, General Director of Nanotechnological Center of Composites and Mr. Csaba Meszaros, President of Evopro Group signed the agreement.

Production of composite modules via vacuum infusion, RTM, and long fibre injection will be powered by Nanotechnological Center of Composites. In the mean time there will be assembled composite bodies. After that, parts of the bus will be sent to Hungary for final assembly, including installation of engine, chassis, gluing in glasses, installation of other elements.

"Modular approach allows to produce wide range of vehicles in the most cost-effective way, from compact and maneuverable buses and trolley buses, which could be compared to mini-buses to capacious multi-section buses and trolley buses. Apart from properties of the body, a client will be able to choose type of propulsion system: a bus can run on diesel, CNG or electricity", said Csaba Meszaros, president of Evopro Group.

Self-supporting composite body allows to decrease weight of vehicle considerably as well as its fuel/power consumption, exhaust fuels emission, as well as number of body parts. Compared to regular structural materials, for example, metals, composite materials have unique features: high strength, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength. These values several times exceed those of steel, while composites are significantly lighter.

The project will create over 150 high-tech jobs. Buses of new generation attract interest of Russian authorities and transport companies, they can be widely used in Moscow municipal services.

Nanotechnological Center of Composites is a Russian engineering center which developes and manufactures composite products for different applications. The Center was founded by CJSC HC Composite and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs in 2011, which later on was joined by DowAksa, daughter company of world known Dow Chemical.

Evopro is a Hungarian engineering company, specialized at automation of different systems used at plants, airports, authorities. The company employs over 300 engineers implementing projects in more than 30 countries.

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