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Natural fiber composite panel system used in construction of roof in Philippines

News International-French

20 Oct 2015

In early 2015 East Asia Composites (EAC) was presented with the challenge by their customer to incorporate a natural fibre into structural composite panels for a significant architectural roofing project.

The team at EAC and the project design and engineering team narrowed their focus into using an organic textile sourced from the Philippines as the solution. The customer and the engineers asked EAC to create a translucent panel with a natural material appearance to blend in with the lush habitat surrounding the project site.

The fibre which is native to the Philippines is known for its use in the production of handbags, carpets, ropes and furnishings. When incorporated into composite panels it produces an impressive organic and textured appearance.

EAC has worked closely with composite engineers to create this organic fibre panel system that can be used in structural or non-structural applications in internal and external environments. The system has been through a range of testing including UV and various strength testing to satisfy building code requirements.

Increasingly EAC is being asked by customers to explore innovative and unique systems for use in practical applications. The R&D process for introducing the organic fibre to this project has been very challenging for all stakeholders.

The panels are being shipped to the construction site in the Philippines and erected into position on a 16 metre high and 40 meter diameter composite roof structure that has been manufactured and assembled completely at the EAC facility and then dismantled for transport to the project site.

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