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NetComposites introduce Flax Furan prepreg

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29 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - NetComposites have taken delivery of an oven which is the central part of a prepreg line for producing, and selling Flax Furan Prepreg.  The oven has been commissioned, and the first samples of pre-preg have been produced.

The Flax Furan Pre-preg is 100% bioderived and is made using Biotex Flax and Furan Resins.  Biotex Flax uses a unique Twistless Technology to provide high levels of performance and processability normally associated with glass reinforced materials. Furan Resin is derived from sugar cane waste and cures into a rigid thermosetting matrix suitable for composites.


This is the first time that Furan and Biotex have been combined in this way, giving the benefits of Biotex Flax material with a sustainable resin which doesn’t rely on crude oil resources.


Cured Furan Resin is intrinsically flame retardant.  Flax Furan Composites will be developed to meet the requirement of BS476 part 7.  It is expected that the material will be used to create components such as semi-structural parts.


The impregnation line will also allow NetComposites to produce development quantities of other pre-preg materials for experimental purposes.



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