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Netzsch acquires Taurus Instruments

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13 Jan 2020

Netzsch announces the expansion of its product portfolio with fire testing systems, thermal conductivity measuring devices and heat transfer coefficient (U-value) measurement instruments (Hotboxes).

Netzsch acquires Taurus Instruments

Netzsch acquires Taurus Instruments

The merger of Taurus Instruments, now Netzsch Taurus Instruments in Weimar, Germany with the Netzsch business unit analyzing and testing is the result of a long-standing business contact of the two companies. In the field of thermal conductivity, both companies served the same market, but with different devices and specifications. With the additional fire testing instruments, Netzsch can now enter a completely new market.

In the area of thermal conductivity, the company can now offer three additional devices with guarded hot plates (GHP). The Pipe Testers with a protected heating pipe for measuring pipe insulation is new in its product portfolio. With hotbox systems, the measurement of the U-value of large and complex building parts (windows, doors, facades, etc.) is possible.

The newly added equipment for fire testing includes the entire spectrum required for the establishment of a Eurolab for the legally prescribed testing of plastics, building materials, textiles, etc. in accordance with European standards. Fire tests can also be carried out in accordance with comparable standards worldwide. In the automotive, building materials, cable and plastics manufacturing sectors, there has been a strong worldwide growth in demand for fire tests in recent years due to stricter safety regulations. The experience and technology from Weimar paired with Netzsch’s worldwide distribution network is a good combination for taking a role in this market in the future.