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New accessories and software expansions to boost efficiency of materials testing systems

News International-French

22 Mar 2013

Instron introduces new accessories, including precision manual wedge grips for composites testing and the AutoX750 Automatic Contacting Extensometer for plastics, as well as TrendTracker, a software package for managing and analyzing test results for Bluehill 3 Materials Testing Software.

At Control 2013, Instron will introduce newly developed accessories and software extensions for materials testing systems. These innovations include high-precision grips, an automatic contacting extensometer, and new software modules; all of them designed to minimize possible sources for inaccuracies in the test lab, as well as the time required for the execution and evaluation of test runs.

  • The new precision manual wedge grips provide reliable gripping as well as repeatable alignment that meets NADCAP requirements. Available in two capacities – 100 kN and 250 kN – the robust manual wedge action self-centering grips are ideal for demanding tensile tests on composites, metals, and plastics over a range of temperatures from –80 °C to +250 °C.

  • The AutoX 750 Automatic Contacting Extensometer offers faster, more reliable and more accurate materials testing routines. Its high accuracy and travel make it an ideal extensometer for tensile and flexure testing of various materials including composites, metals, and plastics. Meeting the requirements of ISO 9513, ASTM E83, and ISO 527-1 (2011), the AutoX helps determine a variety of calculations while enhancing the productivity of testing laboratories. Additionally, by reducing inconsistencies in how a traditional clip-on extensometer is attached greatly improves the repeatability and reproducibility of critical test results.

  • TrendTracker™ is a newly developed software package for analysing and managing test results for Bluehill® 3 Materials Testing Software that can help accelerate the data analysis workflow in a test lab. This plug-in supports the collection and storage of testing parameters and data in a centralized SQL database, which can then be individually arranged, processed, documented, sorted, and statistically evaluated.

At the Instron booth, Instron Application Specialists will also provide comprehensive information around materials testing, covering both electromechanical and electrodynamic testing systems for tension, compression and bend tests, as well as dropweight, pendulum impact testers and melt-flow systems to monitor the rheological behaviour of polymer melts or the HDT and Vicat temperatures of plastics.

Instron is a globally leading manufacturer of test equipment for the material and structural testing markets. A global company providing single-source convenience, Instron manufactures and services products used to test the mechanical properties and performance of various materials, components and structures in a wide array of environments. Instron systems evaluate materials ranging from the most fragile filament to advanced high-strength alloys. With the combined experience of CEAST in designing plastic testing systems, Instron enhances materials testing offerings, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for all their research, quality and service-life testing requirements. Additionally, Instron offers a broad range of service capabilities, including assistance with laboratory management, calibration expertise and customer training.

Instron is part of the Test and Measurement division of the US based Illinois Tool Works (ITW) group of companies with more than 850 distributed business units in 52 countries worldwide and a staff of approx. 60,000.